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Welcome to the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center! The Miami ARTCC is made up of aviation and air traffic control enthusiasts who control the virtual skies from Tampa to Keywest and points eastward over the Bahamas. The Miami ARTCC is one of the busiest ARTCCs on VATSIM, and serves as a popular destination for both domestic and international flights from South America, the Carribean, and Europe.… Read the article
Ever wondered why the controller changed the route you filed? Or why the controller assigned you a really low intermediate altitude when departing KFLL? Whether you're new to VATSIM or an experienced pilot, we have some excellent tips on flying in the Miami airspace which will help shed some light on what's going on behind the scopes.… Read the article
So you're already a VATSIM pilot and you're looking to take your flight simulation hobby to the next level. Or, perhaps you're already a VATSIM controller looking for a new and fun place to control. Either way, you've come to the right place! The Miami ARTCC is composed of a fun-loving group of people who truly enjoy not only the technical aspects of controlling the virtual skies, but the social interactions that go along with this incredible hobby.… Read the article
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Top 5 this month to date
ControllerTime Online
Henderson, Ron42:42
Bambach, Kenneth29:26
Peck, Thomas28:54
Glottmann, Josh27:14
Anderson, Mark20:01
Top 5 last month
ControllerTime Online
Henderson, Ron66:36
Bambach, Kenneth46:51
Anderson, Mark42:40
Glottmann, Josh32:49
Michaels, Fred21:14

As of 14.04.25 04:50 UTC

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Miami Weather:

KMIA 250453Z 24004KT 10SM FEW075 24/19 A2999 RMK AO2 SLP156 T02390194 403060200

ZMA Airspace


PBI Overload Video

Alright guys, here is the video for the PBI overload. Accelerated to 1000x a 4 hour video compiled to 20+ min. Enjoy.

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New ZMA Sector File Available – v2014-H-BETA

Sector File 2014-H-BETA Now Available
ZMA Sector File version 2014-H-Beta is now available! This is an early release of moderate updates for use by all controllers. Carefully review the list of changes found here. Visit the Controller Downloads section to grab your copy.

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W14 Global Conference

The VATSIM Conference (W14) will be held in Vienna (Wien) – Austria from May 9th to May 11th 2014.
The W14 Global Conference provides a great opportunity for some in-person, face time with the men and women you fly and control with, and to socialize within the VATSIM community.
In addition, you get to rub elbows with several major players in the hardware and software industry for simulated aviation who will be on-site to display and share details of the latest products on the market.… Read the article

ZMA Takes The Iron Mic’

2013 Iron Mic - Week 36
ZMA Center has earned the VATUSA Iron Mic! Beating out Emirates Center by 3 minutes and 1 second, more details can be found on the VATSIM Forums by clicking here. Congratulations!

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Updated SID / STAR Reference Sheets Available

ZMA Controllers can now download and access updated reference sheets involving AIRAC 1305. Visit the Controller Downloads section to download SID Reference Sheet v1.3 and STAR Reference Sheet v4.1.

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Miami Teamspeak

ZMA Bar & Grille
Pilot's Channel
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Federal Bureau of Instructors
Mentor | Ron Henderson
ATM | Ken Bambach
Ken Bambach | ATM
DATM | Mark Anderson
TA | Justin Martin
EC | Daniel Channani
FE | Fred Michaels
IT | Ted Nugent
Larry Wimble | IT
AIT | Sergio Lopez

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