World Flight 2014

Visiting Miami One Night Only, November 4th! Landing 04:30Z / Departing 05:25Z

(Evening Of November 3rd)

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Miami Live 2014

Coming to Miami on November 15th. Featuring the ZMA vARTCC and ZJX vARTCC.

Stay tuned for more details.

Miami Terminal D

by: Fred Michaels


Welcome to the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center! The Miami ARTCC is made up of aviation and air traffic control enthusiasts who control the virtual skies from Tampa to Key West and points eastward over the Bahamas.

Flying in Miami?

Ever wondered why the controller changed the route you filed? Or why the controller assigned you a really low intermediate altitude when departing KFLL?

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So you’re already a VATSIM pilot and you’re looking to take your flight simulation hobby to the next level. Or, perhaps you’re already a VATSIM controller looking for a new and fun place to control.
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Glottmann, Josh49:09
Henderson, Ron36:44
Bambach, Kenneth35:08
Iovine, Jarrett23:29
Silcott, Audie21:19
Top 5 last month
Silcott, Audie53:49
Glottmann, Josh42:17
Henderson, Ron39:20
Salikhov, Maxim35:42
Iovine, Jarrett30:44
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ZMA Airspace

CTP Eastbound Pilot Briefing Released

The Pilot Information Briefing for the Cross The Pond Eastbound event scheduled for the morning of Saturday, October 25th is now available. Click above to visit the Pilot Downloads section to get your copy today. Updated on the 21st of October.

New Sector File 2014-P (1410) Released

All controllers should update their VRC client to utilize the newest ARTCC sector file, Version 2014-P (AIRAC 1410). This update incorporates many changes at areas including KFLL, the Tampa TRACON and more. Click above for details.

Updated Controller Reference Documents

Updated and redesigned RNAV Takeoff Reference, SID Reference and STAR Reference sheets have been released for AIRAC 1410. Download of these new files is strongly encouraged given extensive updates. Click above to access.

New VRC Position File Available – v8.0

A new ZMA VRC Position (POF) file, v8.0, has been released and is the first revision since July 2012. It can be downloaded by clicking above. Use of this file is required for any individual anticipating controlling during Cross The Pond.

ZMA Takes The Iron Mic’

ZMA Center has earned the VATUSA Iron Mic! Beating Emirates CTR by 181 seconds, click above for more details from the VATSIM Forums.

Miami Teamspeak

ZMA Bar & Grille
Jarrett Iovine
[spacer]***Control Floor***
Briefing Room
Miami Oceanic
Miami Center
Miami ATCT
Tampa ATCT
Minor ATCT
Training Rooms
OTS Examination Room 1
OTS Examination Room 2
Conference Room
ATC Classroom 1
ATC Classroom 2
ATC Classroom 3
Federal Bureau of Instructors
Mentor | Josh "Deep Rem" Glottmann
ATM | Ken Bambach
DATM | Mark Anderson
TA | Justin "With That Said" Martin
DTA | Ron Henderson
EC | Daniel Channani
FE | Fred Michaels
IT | Ted Nugent
AIT | Sergio Lopez