Live from FSExpo Destination: Orlando

Join us on June 7th as we help JAX light up the airspace above Orlando. Live from FSExpo, it’s “Destination: Orlando”. Signups will open as the date gets closer. Click below for initial details.

Welcome to the Miami Virtual ARTCC

If you are looking for the real Miami ARTCC, this is not it. Read our disclaimer!

Training Booking System (TBS)

Available to all students, the TBS is our way to book training within the Miami Virtual ARTCC. Ready to start your journey as a Virtual Controller?

Is Your Event Visiting South Florida?

Then give us a shout! Virtual Airlines, group flights and other organizations are encouraged to use the Event Request form to inform the Miami Virtual ARTCC event’s staff of your planned visit to our airspace!

Available Bookings

  • May24Fri
    Training Session
    11:00 13:00Erik Quinn
  • May26Sun
    Training Session
    07:45 09:15Erik Quinn
  • May26Sun
    Training Session
    09:30 11:00Erik Quinn
  • May28Tue
    Training Session
    21:00 23:00Jason Cochran
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Friedman, Shane23:46
Botros, Fady20:32
Boxerman, Eric20:15
Cochran, Jason18:23
Reilly, Shane18:20
Top 5 last month
Phelan, Rodrigo77:57
Austin, Ryan21:20
Richmond, Jeremy17:12
Boxerman, Eric15:57
Henderson, Ron15:56
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ZMA Airspace

Miami Teamspeak

The Bounce House
ZMA Bar & Grille
AFK (Red Zone)
[spacer]***Control Floor***
TMU / Briefing Room
Miami Oceanic
Miami Center
Miami ATCT
Tampa ATCT
Minor ATCT
Blue Reef Instructional Group
Instructor | Ron Henderson
Mentor | Dr. Dick Urbanski
Mentor | Gerardo Rodriguez
Training Rooms
Carmona Conference Room
Training Room 1
Training Room 2
Training Room 3
Staff Offices
ATM | Fady Botros
Secret Lair
DATM | James Bain
TA | Erik Quinn
DTA | Guillermo Striddels
FE | Shane Friedman
AFE | Jason Cochran
EC | Daniel Channani
AEC | Johnny Guarino
IT | Ted Nugent
AIT | Sergio Lopez


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