Live up America FNO

Live up America FNO

VATUSA is participation at FlightSimExpo 2018. Celebrating FlighSimExpo, they created a Live/Light up America event. The event is going to be on June 8th from 2300z till 0400z. Lets place ZMA on the map and participate in this event. We need CTR to be on throughout...

Miami Mega Ball 2018

Hello to ALL! On May 5th 2018, starting 2230z-0330z, the vZMA ARTCC will be hosting a one of a kind event, the MIAMI MEGA BALL 2018. Signups will open soon in the forums.

FNO: Miami

On April 20th from 2300z till 0300z, the vZMA ARTCC will be hosting it’s Spring FNO, featuring KMIA. Signups now open on the forums.