Visiting Controller


Becoming A Visiting Controller At ZMA

If you are looking to be a visitor at ZMA, we are pleased to have you with us.  We look forward to working with you to have you become a valued member of our team. Our goal is to help everyone have the best experience possible while participating. For more details on the process, be sure to review the Trainee Welcome Letter and Training FAQ. We ask all individuals to remember you must be registered at the VATUSA website to move forward.


  • In order to join our community, you must first meet the eligibility requirements. If a current member of VATUSA, login to the division website and select “My VATUSA” and “Profile” to determine if you are eligible. Division requirements can be found here and outline Visiting Controller requirements. For all other divisions or regions, review the VATSIM Transfer & Visiting Controller Policy. Applications will be denied if they do not meet these requirements.
  • Next, please wait! Members of ZMA’s Senior Leadership will need to verify your eligibility.
    • If our team reaches out to you via e-mail for clarification on your controller record, please take advantage of the opportunity. Failure to respond within a reasonable length of time will lead to denial of the request.
  • After your ability to be a visitor within our community has been confirmed, you will need to successfully complete the Miami Basic/SOP Exam. A score of 80% or above is required to pass this assessment. The content is designed to ensure you have the fundamental knowledge necessary to start moving forward down the path of controller at ZMA. (VATSIM TSFR 1.7;VATSIM TSFR 1.8;VATSIM VIS 2.1;VATUSA VIS 6.2.3;ZMA SOP 1.3.7)
  • All Visiting Controllers are placed on an automatic fourteen (14) day probationary period. A minimum of one (1) hour of active ATC controlling must be completed by an approved Visiting Controller in this time. Failure to meet this obligation will result in the status being revoked. (ZMA SOP 1.3.7) This requirement is in addition to monthly controlling requirements of three (3) hours per calendar month.
  • Visiting Controllers holding a rating of Instructor (I1)(I3) in their home ARTCC/FIR are not authorized to use such a rating when logged onto a ZMA position and should use the rank obtained prior to the Instructor promotion when online. (VATSIM VIS 2.1.2)
    • Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis under the discretion of the ATM and the TA

Have questions about this process? Did we miss something that might be unique to your situation? Contact our Administrative Team by using the Contact Form.


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