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Important Info for Transferring Controllers

Any controller wishing to transfer into ZMA, or apply as a visitor. must first satisfy the requirements spelled out in either the VATUSA General Division Policy or the VATUSA Visiting Controller Policy respectively. Upon meeting these requirements, the potential controller will first complete the ZMA Basic SOP written exam. This is an open book test. A total of 3 attempts will be permitted, each within no less than 7 days from one another in the event of a first or second fail. Upon the passing of this written exam, the controller will then take a PV exam relevant to their current rating. In the case of a C1 or higher, the PV will take place on APP. Upon a successful PV, the potential controller will then be admitted to the ZMA ARTCC and placed on the roster accordingly. Removal from the ARTCC for inactivity on two subsequent occasions will preclude any further admittance to ZMA.

ZMA ARTCC Document Archive – Standard Operating Procedures

Miami ARTCC Standard Operating Procedures – November 2008 Update

Miami ARTCC Standard Operating Procedures – June 2009 Update

Letters of Agreement

Letter of Agreement with Jacksonville ARTCC – Effective Nov. 1, 2007

Letter of Agreement with Nassau FIR  – Effective April 1, 2010

Letter of Agreement with Virtual United States Navy – Effective Jan. 06, 2004

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