Training Department

Sep 14, 2016

Welcome to the Miami ARTCC!  Our training goal is to provide all Miami controllers with the resources and additional personal training needed to help them work effectively with the Miami team, and to provide pilots with the highest quality simulated ATC services. We also understand that different individuals may choose to pursue this hobby with different levels of intensity and commitment and will thus progress at different rates.

To get started, please read ZMA policies and begin to familiarize yourself with the FAA7110.65, AIM and Pilot Controller Glossary. They are not light reading, but they are the basis for everything we do and cannot be ignored if you want to advance. Familiarize yourself with our airspace. Get charts, observe other experienced controllers, fly as a pilot, whatever it takes to help you learn our airspace. When you feel that you are ready to learn, go to the ZMA Training Center and read through the “Introduction to Air Traffic Control” course, sections 1 through 6. If you have any questions regarding anything in this course, you may ask any of the Instructional Staff members either online or in the Miami ARTCC Teamspeak server. Once you feel that you have a general understanding of the course material, you will be eligible to take the Basic & SOP Exam. The Basic test is your placement qualifier. If you do well on the test, you can advance. All visiting and home controllers are required to take the Basic & SOP Exam before any training requests can be made! Please only take this test when you are ready. A failure on this test will result in waiting 7 days before being eligible to have the test reassigned.

Once you have completed and passed the Basic & SOP test, you may contact an Instructional Staff member for placement and requests for training. Training may be requested in a few different ways:

1) Via e-mail and appointment based.
2) Online
3) Teamspeak

Method 1 is the preferred method for training requests. It ensures the Instructional Staff member will be available or can make time available to assist you with your training. A list of all current Miami ARTCC Instructional Staff e-mail addresses and points of contact can be in the Training Department board of the forum or on the Miami ARTCC Homepage under “Home -> Staff”. Method 2 and 3 are also acceptable as long as ALL requests using methods 2 or 3 are in accordance with ZMA SOP Section 2, 2.2.16. As per VATUSA Visiting Controller Policy, the Miami Training Department is not responsible for any rating nor position level based instruction other than regards to local policy or airspace, however, any Instructional Staff member will be happy to answer any questions and provide other assistance whenever time permits. Once a training session has been setup there are a few things to remember, you should be certain that you have reviewed all the available online materials that apply. Our Instructional Staff are all volunteers with many demands on their time. It is not their job to simply repeat information that is readily available through this site or through the VATUSA Training Department. Learning to provide online ATC is largely a self-study process, with additional guidance from Instructional Staff.

Below are links to various reference materials and study guides mentioned throughout this e-mail and others that may be of use. Although the outline of this e-mail and all of the different referenced reading materials may seem a bit overwhelming at first, once you get past the initial hurdle of testing and getting placed, it evens out and becomes a very fun and involved experience with your fellow ZMA controllers. All this initial layout is just to make sure you as the student are prepared and don’t get “Blindsided” at anytime during the training process. On a personal note, we are all here to have fun and enjoy the ATC experience together as an ARTCC!! Members of our Instructional Staff can usually be found online, in the forums or on Teamspeak, so if you have any questions at all regarding the process, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Helpful Links:

Miami ARTCC Homepage:
Miami ARTCC Forum:
Miami ARTCC Standard Operating Procedures (!!IMPORTANT!!):
Miami ARTCC Letters of Agreement:
Miami Training Staff Contacts:
Miami ARTCC Controller Downloads:

VATUSA Homepage:
VATUSA Training Department:
VATUSA Policies:

VRC Download:
VRC Manual:

FAA – 7110.65:
FAA – Pilot Controller Glossary:

Teamspeak 3 (Download the Client, not the server):
Teamspeak Setup (For setting up your ZMA Teamspeak account):

Always remember, have fun and don’t let the dots touch!

Blue Skies…..

Disclaimer: The information contained on all pages of this website is to be used for flight simulation purposes only on the VATSIM network. It is not intended nor should it be used for real world navigation. This site is not affiliated with the FAA, the actual Miami Center or any governing aviation body. All content contained herein is approved only for use on the VATSIM network.