Training FAQ

Jun 3, 2016

Q: I just joined VATUSA and ZMA. How do I get started?

A: After being accepted as a ZMA member, you will be assigned the ZMA Basic/SOP Exam. This exam is not to be confused with the Basic Exam you took to join VATUSA. After taking and passing this exam with a score of 80% or higher, you should request the ZMA Clearance Delivery/Ground exam via the Exam Request Thread in the Training Requests forum. Once you have passed this exam, you may begin to request training in the Training Request forum.

Q: What happens if I fail a test? May I retake it?

A: Yes. You must wait a minimum of 7 days prior to being able to retake the exam. In this time, your Instructor will likely reach out to you to go over the questions you missed. Once the 7 day period is up, you may request the exam again on the Exam Request Thread in the Training Request forum. Note: It is very important that you thoroughly review the training material available on the ZMA website and VATUSA website prior to taking any exam.

Q: Can I begin training before I pass a written exam?

A: VATSIM Miami ARTCC’s training program consists of two methods of competency checks: theoretical and practical. The theoretical competency checks are performed through written exams, and practical checks are performed through Over-the-Shoulder exams (OTS) or performance verification exams (PVs). Prior to beginning training on any position, you must pass the theoretical exam for that respective position. For example, if you wish to begin training on Miami Tower, you must first pass the ZMA Tower written exam.

Q: Can I receive training from any instructional staff member, or do I have one assigned to me?

A: As of right now, ZMA does not assign instructional staff members. Though you may have an assigned Instructor at some point in the future, you will never be restricted to training with one instructional staff member. The primary purpose of assigning an Instructor is to provide a primary point of contact within the Training Department.

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