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Welcome to the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center website!

The Miami ARTCC is made up of aviation and air traffic control enthusiasts who mirror the day to day operations of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Miami ARTCC on the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation (VATSIM) Network.

The virtual Miami ARTCC covers the airspace over south Florida, from Tampa International (KTPA), south to Key West International (KEYW), as well as the Miami Oceanic Airspace over the Bahamas. The Miami ARTCC handles a large variety of traffic, including international flights from South America and Europe, and is a popular domestic destination.

The Miami ARTCC strives to simulate the challenging job of air traffic control in a fun learning environment. Our well qualified instructional staff teaches new controllers the fundamentals of the air traffic control system, the basics of tower cab operations, and TRACON and En-Route (Center) controlling. All Miami ARTCC controllers are highly skilled in keeping our virtual skies safe.

The Miami ARTCC website contains a plethora of information for both pilots and controllers alike. Pilots are encouraged to check out our pilots section, which contains tools to help plan your flight, review ARTCC NOTAMs, observe weather changes, become familiar with the Miami ARTCC, and leave feedback for the Miami Staff on how your flight into the Miami ARTCC was. The Miami ARTCC forums are open to pilots, controllers, and guests, with registration, to participate in aviation-related discussions.

Thanks for visiting the Miami ARTCC; I look forward to meeting you in our virtual skies!


Ken Bambach
Air Traffic Manager

Disclaimer: The information contained on all pages of this website is to be used for flight simulation purposes only on the VATSIM network. It is not intended nor should it be used for real world navigation. This site is not affiliated with the FAA, the actual Miami Center or any governing aviation body. All content contained herein is approved only for use on the VATSIM network.