With June now upon us, the ZMA Training Department would like to take a moment to remind all members of the community about Training Availability and how to request it. While some Instructional Staff Members may have more time available as we enter the Summer months, others will actually have less at certain points due to offline obligations. As a reminder, our staff are all volunteers and are only able to dedicate a certain amount of time each month.

A general reminder to all students to continue to look at the Training Booking System on a regular basis for training availability. If you are struggling to locate an available session, be sure to follow all of the instructions listed on the TBS system page (yellow box).

The amount of training an individual requires depends completely on them! A student who shows up for their first session having VRC configured, having observed others on the network, having read Training FAQ/Controller Reference Documents/Letters of Agreement/Standard Operating Procedures and is prepared could find themselves promoted to assigned the next exam quickly! On the other hand, an individual who is expecting the training session to meet all of their needs without taking personal responsibility for doing their part in the process could find advancement taking a long time.

Have a great June everyone!