Pilot Downloads

This page contains links to download items related to pilots at the Miami vARTCC. This information is presented as a resource to aid pilots in their flying within our region. Pilots are cautioned that airport configurations and runway designations can change. Anyone flying into an airport within ZMA should carefully review current charts showing taxiway configurations, runway designations and other important information.

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KMIA - 2015 Cross The Pond Eastbound - Oct. 2015 615.18 KB 163 downloads

Pilot Information Briefing - AIRAC 1511 - Miami International Airport ...

KMIA - 2014 Cross The Pond Eastbound - Oct. 2014 548.01 KB 208 downloads

Pilot Information Briefing - AIRAC 1411 - Miami International Airport ...

KMIA - 2013 Cross The Pond Westbound - March 2013 1.60 MB 262 downloads

Pilot Information Briefing - AIRAC 1302 - Miami International Airport ...


    Class Bravo

    Class Charlie

    Class Delta

    Class Echo


    Class Bravo - FSX - Miami International Airport 444.65 KB 456 downloads

    FSX - KMIA - AFCAD Update - AIRAC 0912 (Author unknown) ...

    Class Charlie - FSX - Palm Beach International Airport 0.00 KB 258 downloads

    FSX - KPBI - AFCAD Update - AIRAC 0912 (Author unknown) ...