Privacy Policy

by Apr 22, 2018

We take your privacy seriously. This policy describes what, why and how we collect and use your personal information, how we protect it, and how you can contact us.

This policy explains the types of information that the VATSIM Virtual Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZMA) may collect and hold, how that information is used and with whom the data is shared. It also sets out how you can contact us if you have any queries or concerns about this information. Some of our services may have their own privacy policy which provide details of the use of your information by that service. These service-specific policies may apply in addition to or instead of this policy, but in any case will be clearly notated as service-specific.

Please note that ZMA is connected to related organizations which may have their own privacy policies. We will provide a list of those organizations so that you may collect access their privacy policies as well.

Information We Collect

ZMA may collect information about you in several different ways. Please take care when submitting information to us, in particular when completing free text fields or uploading documents and other materials. Some of our services are automated and we may not recognize that you have accidentally provided us with incorrect or sensitive information.

Information That You Provide Us

Whenever you interact with ZMA, you may be asked to provide us with information relating to you. For example:

Some of our services require you to create an account, such as MACAS (vZMA’s controller application system). When creating your accounts, we may ask you to provide a range of information, such as your name, VATSIM CID, contact details, and other aviation interests and affiliations both in the virtual space and in real life.

When you submit pilot feedback, we request your name, email address, contact preferences, and your opinions.

When you visit us at a public event, such as trade show or exhibition, or participate in one of our live events, we may ask for information, such as your name, contact details, interests and preferences.

If you participate in one of our online and/or live events which has a prize drawing, we may ask for information, such as your name, contact details, interests and preferences.

When you use our online services, we may receive content that you choose to upload, such as comments, photos and forum posts, or details of your interests and preferences that you choose to tell us about.

Information We May Collect From Other Sources

We may also collect information from publically available sources and third parties, including:

If you decide to create an account with vZMA, we collect information about you from other parties including the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM), VATSIM North America Division, and VATSIM USA (VATUSA). We may also collect information from related organizations which you have been a member of such as other virtual ARTCCs or vACCs.

Information We May Collect When You Use Our Website

All of our websites provide vZMA with information about your use of them, including:

– Details of the content that you view and interact with. For example, when you use our website, we may collect information about your visit, such as your browser software, which pages you view and which items you ‘clicked’ on.

– Logs which are generated as you interact with the various components of our website as well as our server logs, which hold information about your use of our website, such as your IP address, browser information (including HTTP user agent strings), HTTP client request information and the time and location of your activities, domain, device and application settings, errors and hardware activity

– Information about where your device is physically located.

In general, this information is collected using digital identifiers such as a device number, browser cookie or your IP address. These identifiers are used to distinguish the information provided by your browser or device from that of another user’s browser or device, and are not normally used to identify you personally.

However, we may associate the collected information with one of your accounts, if for instance you are logged into a service when the information is collected. Please see our Cookie policy for further details.

How vZMA Uses The Information We Collect

ZMA may use the information it collects to:

– Provide you with information you have requested, including but not limited to air routing information, ARTCC policies, training information, or aircraft in ZMA’s airspace.

– Respond to you if you’ve submitted feedback or questions to us.

– Ask for your opinions on on ZMA controllers, the ZMA website in general, specific website components, and other systems.

– Facilitate and process your searches and requests for information when you contact us about ARTCC business

– Conduct prize draws, and contests

– Disseminate information regarding events and other programs upcoming and ongoing within the ZMA organization and related organizations.

– Processing applications for membership within the vZMA organization.

– Generate and disseminate specific statistics about the use of vZMA airspace, it’s airports, and member participation.

– Generate anonymous, aggregated statistics about the use of our websites or airspace which we may share with third parties and/or make available to the public.

– Where you have uploaded controller reviews, comments or content to our websites or services, vZMA may link to, publish or publicize these materials on our website or elsewhere including in our own advertisements and promotions

– Provide forums for the use of officers, member controllers, and sometimes guest users.

– We may use information collected from monitoring our websites, online services and emails to protect you, and our members and related and/or parent organizations. This information may be passed to the police or to other appropriate authorities. By using our websites and online services, you expressly consent to this.

– We may link or combine the information that we collect from the different sources outlined above in the “Information that we collect” section above (including information received from related organizations about your use of other virtual aviation services). Information may be linked via a unique identifier, such as a cookie or account number. We may do this for your and/or our convenience (for example, to allow you to more easily register for vZMA service), to allow us to provide a more seamless support whenever you contact us and to provide you with better, personalized services, and content.

Sharing Information About You

In general, ZMA does not sell, rent or otherwise disclose information about you to third parties without your consent. However, there are exceptions:

– We may disclose information about you to related organizations including but not limited to other ARTCCs/vACCs, VATUSA, or VATSIM. They may combine this information with other details they hold about you. Unless they provide you with their own privacy policy, they may use your personal details for the purposes explained in this policy.

– We may use third party service providers to process information on our behalf for the purposes outlined above. For example, we may send emails or SMS messages through third party services.

– We may use and/or disclose to third parties information about you to government bodies and law enforcement agencies to prevent fraud, prevent identity theft, and to comply with the law and to meet a reasonable request from such bodies.

– We prepare anonymous, aggregate or generic data (including “generic” statistics) for a number of purposes as outlined above. As we consider that you cannot reasonably be identified from this information, we may share it with any third party (such as our partners, related organizations, industry bodies, the media and/or the general public).

– A number of vZMA website components allow members (and in some cases, guests) to upload and share messages, photos, and other content and links with others and/or create a publicly accessible profile for your account. For example:

The forums area of our website, allows you to post comments (with your account name), which are visible to other users of that service and possibly the general public. You should not expect any information that you make available to others via vZMA’s online services to be kept private or confidential. Content and links that you share might, for instance, be forwarded by your recipients to others. You should always exercise discretion when using such services.

International Transfers Of Your Information

vZMA is part of a global network of pilots and controllers. For the purposes explained in this policy, may be transferred to it’s parent organization, or any there subordinate organization operating under vZMA’s parent organization (including service providers operating on their behalf) and other third parties in countries which do not have the same level of data protection laws as those in the country where you are located.

Security Of Your Information

What We Do To Protect Your Information

We take a number of steps to protect your information from unauthorized access, use or alteration and unlawful destruction, including where appropriate:

– Limiting access to the information we collect about you (for instance, only those of our personnel who need your information to carry out our activities are allowed access)

– Putting in place physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in line with industry standards

What You Should Do To Protect Your Information

As general best practice on the Internet, it is recommended that individuals take great care with user accounts, and follow some basic rules:

– Do not use trivial passwords (such as single dictionary words)
– Do not use the same password for multiple accounts
– Do use very long passwords (at least 10 characters, but preferably much longer)
– Do use passwords which contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters e.g. $%^& etc.
– Do keep passwords securely (never written down, or shared with anyone) and changed periodically

Cookies And Web Beacons

Our websites use industry-wide technologies, such as “cookies” and “web beacons”, to collect information about the use of our websites and email communications. For instance, these technologies may tell us which visitors clicked on key elements (such as links or graphics) on a website or email and recognize your browser the next time you visit our websites.

Links to other Sites

While vZMA tries to link only to sites that share vZMA’s high standards and respect for privacy, we are not responsible for the content, security or privacy practices of those other websites. You should view the privacy and cookie policies displayed on those websites to find out how your personal information may be used.

Children’s Privacy

vZMA will honor the request of any parent or guardian whose child is under the age of 15 to delete any and all information which has been collected on said child. The parent may be asked to provide some proof of identification so that we can verify that you are in fact, the parent or guardian of the child in the subject request. Any parent or guardian with such requests or other queries regarding our processing and handling of personal information relating to their child should contact us using the details provided in the “Contact us” section below.

Contact Us

If you need further assistance or would like to make a comment, you can contact us in a number of ways:

1. Via our online web form:

2. By e-mail: