In order to smoothly and efficiently execute the various tasks of the Miami ARTCC, staff members must clearly understand their respective roles and the organization of the staff. That information is provided by this policy statement.


ARTCC Air Traffic Manager (ATM) – Shane Friedman

  • Appointed and removed per VATUSA policy; reports to the VATUSA Southern Region Director (DAT).
  • Responsible for the overall administration of the ARTCC.
  • Responsible for appointing staff members as described below.

Deputy Air Traffic Manager (DATM) – Dan Leavitt

  • Appointed and removed by the ATM; reports to the ATM.
  • Acts as the Air Traffic Manager (ATM) in their absence.
  • Jointly responsible for administration of the roster and accuracy of the roster information.
  • Responsible for administration of Visiting Controllers.
  • Jointly responsible for monitoring the state of the ARTCC.
  • Responsible for assisting in development and roll out of major projects
  • Responsible for other tasks as may be assigned by the ATM from time to time.

Training Administrator (TA) – Erik Quinn

  • Appointed and removed by the ATM, approved by VATUSA3; reports to the ATM and VATUSA3.
  • Responsible for the development and execution of the training program.
  • Responsible for the selection of Staff Instructors and Mentors.
  • Responsible for the quality of the Staff Instructors and Mentors.
  • Works with Staff Instructors and Mentors to develop their knowledge.

Interim Event Coordinator (EC) – Patrick Gligo

  • Appointed and removed by the ATM; reports to the ATM.
  • Assists the ATM to develop the Event Program.
  • Liaison to Group Flights, Virtual Airlines, ARTCCs and VATSIM Staff for event related activities.
  • Responsible for promotion of ARTCC sponsored events.
  • Responsible for coordinating ATC requirements for Group Flight and VA events.
  • Responsible for publishing an Event debrief, for the FAB members.

Assistant Event Coordinator (AEC) – Nicholas Camperos

  • Appointed and removed by the EC, approved by the ATM; reports to the EC and ATM.
  • Responsible for assisting the EC in all responsibilities.
Facility Engineer (FE) – Jason Cochran

  • Appointed and removed by the ATM; reports to the ATM.
  • Acts as an adviser to the ATM and DATM on technical aspects of flight simulation.
  • Maintains and updates radar client files, SOPs, LOAs and related documents with approval by the ATM.
  • Works with other ARTCCs to approve LOAs and SOPs.
  • Will evaluate, as needed, scenery used within ARTCC airspace to determine impact on operations.

Webmaster/IT Specialist (IT) – Alexander Oliva

  • Appointed and removed by the ATM; reports to the ATM.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining the ARTCC website.
  • Designs and programs new applications requested by the ATM and Facility Advisory Board.


Trainer availability may come and go as they become inactive when busy with life. “Busy” trainers will appear as grayed out on this list, and will be less likely to have time to work with you. All others are actively looking to train you.

For a table showing the positions for which these trainers provide training, go here!









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